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Re: Elizabeth Warren & her DNA bullshit

She could have avoided all of this if vvhite folks stop trying to claim ancestry as a way of being fancy vvhite or spicy vvhite or ethnic vvhite or not as oppressive as the others vvhite. Own your shit and stop trying to claim trauma from oppression that your ancestors caused as a way to… Continue reading Re: Elizabeth Warren & her DNA bullshit


Booting Becky and Choosing Myself

Originally published by Threads of Solidarity on Medium on August 1, 2017 And Featured in HuffPo Black Voices on Sep. 14, 2017 Dear Beckys, We can not be friends. In case you don't know, Beckys are white women who aren't actively seeking to understand and dismantle white supremacy. Beckys are good people; they are well… Continue reading Booting Becky and Choosing Myself


Things I no longer worry about…

Bigstock/Anthony CorreiaWhat gift do I need To give you for you to see me What dance can I do? What game should I play? What invention can I make? What profound thing can I say? What accomplishment is enough, to be seen and valued? Tell me the combination So I can do my best multiplied… Continue reading Things I no longer worry about…