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Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

Killing Georgina & The Black Equity Collective Presents: This is an introduction to intersectional and anti-racism movement understanding.  We will work through a curriculum together with me as your thought partner.  I will be available to address questions or point out blind spots along the way. Part one will be using the book "Stamped from… Continue reading Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

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What is misogynoir?

What is misogynoir? Like the term Intersectionality, misogynoir was coined by a black woman to describe the double barriers to being both black and a woman. Kimberle Crenshaw coined Intersectionality to address the struggles and overlapping layers of oppression black women face. Moya Bailey coined misogynoir to expose the devaluing, dehumanizing, stereotyping and hateful depictions… Continue reading What is misogynoir?

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[Image description: screenshot of the Instagram profile page of {Nha Nomi} I’ve joined the ranks of amazing writers like nayyirah.waheed using #poetsofinstagram, #spilledink, #blackpoets and numerous other hashtags of which I am quickly becoming acquainted. I have even created my own #eggshellfreepoetry and #killinggeorgina. I am posting image versions of my shorter poetic pieces… Continue reading #PoetsOfInstagram


Things I no longer worry about…

Bigstock/Anthony CorreiaWhat gift do I need To give you for you to see me What dance can I do? What game should I play? What invention can I make? What profound thing can I say? What accomplishment is enough, to be seen and valued? Tell me the combination So I can do my best multiplied… Continue reading Things I no longer worry about…