Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

Killing Georgina & The Black Equity Collective Presents:

BECART Partner Project

This is an introduction to intersectional and anti-racism movement understanding.  We will work through a curriculum together with me as your thought partner.  I will be available to address questions or point out blind spots along the way.

Part one will be using the book “Stamped from the Beginning” and will be a combination of virtual book club meetings and my personal reflections about the information contained within from the perspective of a black woman, mother, anti-racist and recovering assimilationist and will last 5 months with at least 1 live interactive virtual session a month and access to a private Facebook group for continued group reflection and Q&A.

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Polling the Audience: What do you want?

What do you want?

I’m trying to make this space on Patreon my own while also providing the access you want. Tell me what your thoughts are on the reward structure as I have it now. Does it work for you to have levels of access separated out the way it is now? Do you think it would be more appealing to more people if it was all access and “pay what you can” format instead?

I am TRYING to take a poll but Patreon is glitching and not including the poll. So…here are the options I put in:

A. Happy with the set-up currently

B. Prefer a “pay what you can” All Patrons have the same access to content format

C. Not interested in being in your FB group

D. Just want to read poetry

E. Want access to ALL OF IT but only got $5 to spare on your ramblings

F. Not happy with any of the content. You suck at life.

G. Some other possibility I’m not aware of or haven’t thought of yet, because coffee…

Tell me what you want. If it aligns with that I can give, I am happy to oblige.

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