Black and brown women

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I want to write something beautiful

My throat is full

And it burns

I want to write something enlightening

My head is a snow globe

Of truths and experiences

They swarm me, warm me, hold me close and whisper “nobody cares, nobody cares, nobody cares”


angry whispers in my ear

Seek to silence me and mine

“Nobody cares”

A refrain as old as time

I want to write something beautiful

I want to write something liberating

I want to write something enlightening

I want to write something illuminating

I want to write something that breaks the chains, turns the tides, screams the truths of me and mine from all the peaks

Shining a light for all that seeks

To see black and brown women whole!

Black and brown women free!

Black and brown women held UP, not back.

Black and brown women served, not serving.

Black and brown women protected, not rejected.

Black and brown women wrapped with the care and tenderness we have provided the masses for ages. Hold us close, whispers like honey, sweet, dripping syrup:

You matter baby. You are loved lady. Beautiful. Soft and kind. Unlock the pictures in your mind and fill me with your truths. Baby you, black and brown woman, are gold. Write me something beautiful. Unfold your truths to be told.


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