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#WhytewomenboycottTwitter So, I said what I said. #MeToo. Meaning, I too have been sexually harassed and assaulted in my lifetime. Meaning, I too have been harassed in the workplace, namely by white men, in my lifetime. Meaning, I too have been assaulted by a white man or two in my lifetime. Depends what I want… Continue reading #WhytewomenboycottTwitter


Change the Page

I am not your pusher I am not your whore I will not stand aside and hold the door while you climb and push me to the margins skip my footnote ignore my humanity take the credit and more I will not sit back and hide my pain while you continue to slander my name,… Continue reading Change the Page


Anti-blackness Is

Anti-blackness Is Anti-blackness is insidious and ubiquitous and fatal. Anti-blackness is a murderer a liar a seductress a poison a genocide. Find my Patreon page here at Gratitude is good, gratuity is better. If you appreciate the content, the emotional labor, the value added by holding space for and amplifying the lives and experiences… Continue reading Anti-blackness Is


Community Organizing Costs Money

For more information on lunch shaming, go to’ve started up a Patreon account in case taking on the school department about lunch policies makes me persona non grata going forward. My baby’s not so much a baby anymore which means I need to go back to work or become a creative genius to pay… Continue reading Community Organizing Costs Money


Killing Georgina

Killing Georgina Have you met Georgina? Georgina is my pain My guilt My self hate My denial My compromise I want to kill her Bury her Forget her Forever. But I named her, Looked her in her eyes, Watched her sink, Into that place. Break. Cry, “No no nonono” She’s stronger than she looks Proof… Continue reading Killing Georgina