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Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

Killing Georgina & The Black Equity Collective Presents: This is an introduction to intersectional and anti-racism movement understanding.  We will work through a curriculum together with me as your thought partner.  I will be available to address questions or point out blind spots along the way. Part one will be using the book "Stamped from… Continue reading Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

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Oww, Ouch!: How to Apologize

So, you caused harm. Pulled your weapons of whiteness and inflicted pain and suffering on someone with less privilege than you. Maybe you were called in. Maybe you were called out. Maybe you shut down. Maybe you lashed out. Maybe you sat with it or maybe you stormed away and pulled out more weapons to… Continue reading Oww, Ouch!: How to Apologize

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You’ve Got Mail

PushBlack Takes You to School... from your Messenger app.   I believe I have shared about this before, but here goes, again. This time in a more official capacity. Sign Up for PushBlack on Facebook today.  You will get history lessons sent directly to your messenger inbox regularly.  But not just any history lessons.  Take this entry on… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail


Booting Becky and Choosing Myself

Originally published by Threads of Solidarity on Medium on August 1, 2017 And Featured in HuffPo Black Voices on Sep. 14, 2017 Dear Beckys, We can not be friends. In case you don't know, Beckys are white women who aren't actively seeking to understand and dismantle white supremacy. Beckys are good people; they are well… Continue reading Booting Becky and Choosing Myself

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#WhytewomenboycottTwitter So, I said what I said. #MeToo. Meaning, I too have been sexually harassed and assaulted in my lifetime. Meaning, I too have been harassed in the workplace, namely by white men, in my lifetime. Meaning, I too have been assaulted by a white man or two in my lifetime. Depends what I want… Continue reading #WhytewomenboycottTwitter


Change the Page

I am not your pusher I am not your whore I will not stand aside and hold the door while you climb and push me to the margins skip my footnote ignore my humanity take the credit and more I will not sit back and hide my pain while you continue to slander my name,… Continue reading Change the Page


Killing Georgina

Killing Georgina Have you met Georgina? Georgina is my pain My guilt My self hate My denial My compromise I want to kill her Bury her Forget her Forever. But I named her, Looked her in her eyes, Watched her sink, Into that place. Break. Cry, “No no nonono” She’s stronger than she looks Proof… Continue reading Killing Georgina