Here on Killing Georgina, I write from my personal perspective as a black woman and an intersectional feminist.  I am a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of my life experiences as a black wife, mother and budding activist.  In my writings and advocacy group, I am tackling tough subjects like anti-racism, misogyny and dismantling white supremacy.  I work to uplift and amplify the most marginalized and make space for those of us who are usually silenced in mainstream culture.  I am also involved in community organizing and have skills related to event planning and project management in regards to racial and social justice advocacy work.  

Projects/Jobs I am available for possible bookings:

  • Racial Justice and Diversity Consultant
  • Content writer for blogs
  • Sensitivity Reader
  • Panel Discussions
  • Social Justice related event planning and project management
  • Community Organizing
  • Virtual research assistant
  • Social media page management assistant

    Email me at with an outline of your project proposal.