Killing Georgina™ is about liberating Ria by dismantling white supremacy from the inside out, unlearning and breaking free from the internalized indoctrination we all go through living in a white supremacist racial caste system.

I am writing poetry and prose, essays and blog posts from my perspective as a black woman and from an intersectional feminist point of view. Giving my reality room to breathe and grow creates space for other black and indigenous women of color (BIWoC) to BE and see our lived experiences put in the forefront rather than disbelieved and buried in the backyards of our minds as dirty little secrets of shame.

Once I starting seeking knowledge and accepting its truth, I began to feel liberated and started learning how to take up S P A C E like a boss. I began to relearn how to walk when not on eggshells when I gave life to my felt understanding of the world around me, hence became Eggshell Free Poetryⓒ

Join me on my journey.  If you wish to send a one time gift or reparations payment, feel free to do so here.

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