Since I’ve been tackling anti-racism work in my own life and beyond as a recent escapee from the Sunken Place (…if you haven’t seen Get Out, go watch NOW), I have been asked for my point of view on everything from race to politics by well-meaning white folx who wish to understand how we got here.   I have a lot to say on these matters that go beyond what I share on my Facebook blog or group, but it takes time to formulate these thoughts into concise statements.  And we all know, time is money.  So here we are.  I need your help to buy me some time while I figure out my next steps and continue to let this newly reactivated push for liberation to spur me into community and movement building spaces.

Here are some things I will be writing about in prose or poetry form depending on how the mood strikes me:

  • Mental health and black women
  • Physical health and health care
  • Immigration and assimilation
  • PTSD and PTSS
  • Interracial relationships both romantic and platonic
  • Politics, police state/brutality
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name
  • Being black in Amerikkka before and after Obama, Trump, “being woke”
  • Raising children in pre-apocalyptic times
  • Raising biracial children
  • Bernie and the future of the liberal party
  • Get Out
  • Anti-blackness and white supremacy
  • World and current events
  • My past, my present and my future and whatever I feel like because I do what I want!

Join me on my journey.

If you wish to send a one time gift or reparations payment, feel free to do so here.