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What is misogynoir?

What is misogynoir? Like the term Intersectionality, misogynoir was coined by a black woman to describe the double barriers to being both black and a woman. Kimberle Crenshaw coined Intersectionality to address the struggles and overlapping layers of oppression black women face. Moya Bailey coined misogynoir to expose the devaluing, dehumanizing, stereotyping and hateful depictions… Continue reading What is misogynoir?

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Racism is bullying Apparently there was a full blown movement created with a hashtag, #WalkUpNotOut and everything y'all to gas-lighting, victim blaming and forward white male supremacy.  Kindness is great, but this framing is problematic on every levels; from victim blaming to further stigmatizing "outcasts" as potential murderers, this needs to stop. Anti-black racism is the bullying… Continue reading Racism is bullying