Sharing is caring fam! ----------------------------------------------------------- Join me and #GiftABook: I am teaming up with the book store @rithecollective to fulfill book donations to benefit black and brown students of RI. #buyabook #giftabook From the teacher: I'm hoping to teach this author and book as part of a Poetry Writing and Reading unit I'm doing… Continue reading #GiftABook



I do a lot of direct giving fundraising for black and brown moms that amounts to endless amounts of digital panhandling. This is important work and I love being able to work with other advocates to get moms what they need. However, it takes time and energy that I don't always have to offer. In… Continue reading #DirectAssistanceFund

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Love me or leave me alone

You can't only love me when I'm strong
You can't only need me when I'm gone.

You can't disagree with everything
and call it a conversation
when I say I'm done with this mental masturbation.


Pay Day Fundraiser

It's FRIDAY!!! For real this time! Ask me why I thought it was Friday, yesterday? 😭😖 But it's here!! Cheers to the freakin weekend!! 🍻🍻🍻 And that means it is a PAYDAY! For a lot of you living at the intersection of power and privilege called vvhiteness you have some extra cash to throw down… Continue reading Pay Day Fundraiser


May Day Monday Emergency Fundraiser

I fundraise for black women who are moms dealing with financial emergencies and life crises. Domestic violence (or IPV, intimate partner violence) is another issue that disproportionately affects black women. "Domestic violence has been shown to affect the Black community disproportionally—Black women experience domestic violence at rates 30 to 50 percent higher than White women.… Continue reading May Day Monday Emergency Fundraiser

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Re: Elizabeth Warren & her DNA bullshit

She could have avoided all of this if vvhite folks stop trying to claim ancestry as a way of being fancy vvhite or spicy vvhite or ethnic vvhite or not as oppressive as the others vvhite. Own your shit and stop trying to claim trauma from oppression that your ancestors caused as a way to… Continue reading Re: Elizabeth Warren & her DNA bullshit

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BUY INSTANT DOWNLOAD NOW ON GUMROAD Eggshell Free Poetry© from Killing Georgina™ Chapbook/E-Book Download By Ria Moni BLERD. ANTIRACIST. INTERSECTIONAL FEMINIST. CLASSIC OVERSHARER. WORK IN PROGRESS… Follow for updates on what Ria Moni is creating on Instant Dowload of over 20 poems. Many never before seen poems as well as previously published here and… Continue reading eggshell free poetry ebook

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Circle Of Sisters

Excerpt from Our Sister's Keeper by Tamela J. Gordon

"We. Are. All. We. Got.

When my friend, a woman who has taught me the much of what I know about the radical act of loving and caring for Black women, recently confided that she herself was in a financial crisis, our Circle of Sisters...

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