The Incredible Jessica James: Extracting the “black” from Black Femininity

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The Incredible Jessica James debuted to an audience eagerly awaiting its next piece of seemingly antiracist media where an bothered body occupies central placement. To most The Incredible Jessica James is a coming of age narrative where a black female twenty-something finds her way past a breakup an through her struggles as a striving artist. What is most incredible about this film is that it resumes the contemporary colorblind initiative. This contemporary initiative is not to tackle the totality of the black experience, but to move past blackness by ignoring it completely. Moreover, what is most incredible about Jessica James is despite her skin color and natural hair?there is nothing black about her. The word “black” is gracefully omitted from the film?a pattern consistent with contemporary portrayals of black people. Instead, viewers hear James reference her statuesque height quite a few times throughout the film–suggesting that it is her height…

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What is misogynoir?

What is misogynoir? Like the term Intersectionality, misogynoir was coined by a black woman to describe the double barriers to being both black and a woman. Kimberle Crenshaw coined Intersectionality to address the struggles and overlapping layers of oppression black women face. Moya Bailey coined misogynoir to expose the devaluing, dehumanizing, stereotyping and hateful depictions… Continue reading What is misogynoir?

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Racism is bullying Apparently there was a full blown movement created with a hashtag, #WalkUpNotOut and everything y'all to gas-lighting, victim blaming and forward white male supremacy.  Kindness is great, but this framing is problematic on every levels; from victim blaming to further stigmatizing "outcasts" as potential murderers, this needs to stop. Anti-black racism is the bullying… Continue reading Racism is bullying


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Putting this out in the universe. I want a team of folx to help create a vision with. I want an assistant to keep me on task and make sure things don't fall through the cracks. I want a professionally designed website that fully integrates M4RJRI, Resist Oppression, Killing Georgina and all social media platforms… Continue reading Trying something New

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I have ten copies to giveaway at random to folx who Go here: ➡️Like, Share and Follow the following pages: Killing Georgina, March for Racial Justice RI and Sisters With Aspiration ➡️Like and Share 1 post from each page ➡️Invite your friends to all 3 pages ✴️Random drawing will be held on Feb 23rd… Continue reading issa giveaway yall!

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Until you been lost like me loved (and unlovable) like me abandoned like me used like me... {{Read more}}

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[Image description: screenshot of the Instagram profile page of {Nha Nomi} I’ve joined the ranks of amazing writers like nayyirah.waheed using #poetsofinstagram, #spilledink, #blackpoets and numerous other hashtags of which I am quickly becoming acquainted. I have even created my own #eggshellfreepoetry and #killinggeorgina. I am posting image versions of my shorter poetic pieces… Continue reading #PoetsOfInstagram