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For Shaun

My cousin Shaun wanted this on a shirt. So I designed it. I've decided any profits earned will go to helping a homeless youth get some much needed self care in the form of natural hair care/grooming he is looking for.  A community member from Resist Oppression brought this young man to my attention and… Continue reading For Shaun

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Shifting the Future of Reproductive Justice

Something revolutionary is happening in Providence and black women, indigenous women, women of color and trans people are at the center of it, where we belong.   On March 9th, a large group of people from all backgrounds came together at First Unitarian Church of Providence on a Friday night.  They came not to worship, but to listen… Continue reading Shifting the Future of Reproductive Justice


How Dumbed Down, Meek, and Quiet Do Black Women Need To Be?


Recently I had a conversation with a friend that told me that they had met a mutual acquaintance of ours. Because I am a very introverted person, I inquired as to who this friend was that we had in common.  When they mentioned her name, I was stumped. In my profession, I meet many people, and perhaps I overlooked this person that I had apparently made such an impact on that they would mention me to my friend. However, what struck me is that she told my friend that she had an exchange with me that was not wholly positive. Now that made me pause because I rarely, if ever, have a dialogue that is negative with people, so my curiosity was piqued. And my friend told me she said, “Well we got off to the wrong start because Hannah was speaking about injustice and that affected me.”


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Oww, Ouch!: How to Apologize

So, you caused harm. Pulled your weapons of whiteness and inflicted pain and suffering on someone with less privilege than you. Maybe you were called in. Maybe you were called out. Maybe you shut down. Maybe you lashed out. Maybe you sat with it or maybe you stormed away and pulled out more weapons to… Continue reading Oww, Ouch!: How to Apologize

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You’ve Got Mail

PushBlack Takes You to School... from your Messenger app.   I believe I have shared about this before, but here goes, again. This time in a more official capacity. Sign Up for PushBlack on Facebook today.  You will get history lessons sent directly to your messenger inbox regularly.  But not just any history lessons.  Take this entry on… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail


The Incredible Jessica James: Extracting the “black” from Black Femininity

Whispers of a Womanist

The Incredible Jessica James debuted to an audience eagerly awaiting its next piece of seemingly antiracist media where an bothered body occupies central placement. To most The Incredible Jessica James is a coming of age narrative where a black female twenty-something finds her way past a breakup an through her struggles as a striving artist. What is most incredible about this film is that it resumes the contemporary colorblind initiative. This contemporary initiative is not to tackle the totality of the black experience, but to move past blackness by ignoring it completely. Moreover, what is most incredible about Jessica James is despite her skin color and natural hair?there is nothing black about her. The word “black” is gracefully omitted from the film?a pattern consistent with contemporary portrayals of black people. Instead, viewers hear James reference her statuesque height quite a few times throughout the film–suggesting that it is her height…

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