I do a lot of direct giving fundraising for black and brown moms that amounts to endless amounts of digital panhandling. This is important work and I love being able to work with other advocates to get moms what they need. However, it takes time and energy that I don’t always have to offer.

In 2019, I have committed to collaborating on two upcoming projects and decided to put hand-holding direct giving on the back burner but not before helping a group of allies to set up a framework that we hope will result in a more sustainable model for meeting the needs of black and brown moms in financial predicaments that can be eased by small dollar donations. This is what we’ve come up with:

The Launch:

Income inequality and financial instability hits Black and Brown moms the hardest. When you are poor, things that are minor inconveniences to others can snowball into homelessness. Studies have shown that people living below the poverty line would have to go 20 years without any unforeseen budget expenditures to dig themselves out of poverty by hard work and determination alone aka “pull yourselves up by your bootstraps”. (Atlantic article “Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong“)

In order to help bridge that gap and provide assistance when things come up that can further disenfranchise Black and Brown womxn (non-binary, trans and queer especially), this will be an ongoing fundraising effort to provide resources to those most directly impacted by our society’s inequities. When black and brown moms are supported and uplifted, the whole community is more able to thrive.

Please contribute and share as much as you can as often as you can.



The Ask:

Aspiring allies of an anti-racist worldview, can I ask you to consider a main priority in your resolutions, intention setting and commitments in 2019 be reparations.

1. Understanding “The Case for Reparations

2. Committing to a monthly payment of reparations.

3. Talking to your circles about the need for repair and healing.

4. Giving up 1 luxury that represents the generational wealth your ancestors passed down to you and tithing that to a direct giving fundraiser of some kind that centers the most marginalized.

5. Plan a fundraiser (tupperwear party, paint night, raffle, dress down day, etc) and donate the proceeds to a direct giving fundraiser.


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