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Love me or leave me alone


You can’t only love me when I’m strong
You can’t only need me when I’m gone.

You can’t disagree with everything
and call it a conversation
when I say I’m done with this
mental masturbation.

You can’t say you love me
while devaluing everything I do, or say.
You can’t say you want the best for me
when you stare down my happiness,
dismiss my creativity and
deny my productivity.

If all that I create is useless and fruitless
than what is it you love? Is it me?
Or the idea of me? The me you wished me to be?

When what is unconditional comes with asterisks and conditions,
I read the fine print and decline to sign my name on the line.

I should walk away to save myself.
Today, should have yesterday.
I decline to accept that which is not
freely given.
I decline to respect that which was seeded in skepticism.

I want your love
Not your judgement
Not your condemnation.
I want your validation.

Impress upon me the value you see
Or deny my worth and let me be.

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