Pay Day Fundraiser


It’s FRIDAY!!! For real this time! Ask me why I thought it was Friday, yesterday? 😭😖

But it’s here!! Cheers to the freakin weekend!! 🍻🍻🍻

And that means it is a PAYDAY! For a lot of you living at the intersection of power and privilege called vvhiteness you have some extra cash to throw down for people with less of both than yourself AND I am happy to be give y’all the hookup!

This weeks fundraisers are:

1.  Donate to a PoC mom of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder in need of funds for food.  Send $5, $10, $50 via PayPal as friends & family (no fees!) to

2. I am working with Sankofa Community Connection of Newport RI to put together an amazing event to show love and support to young black teenage girls like they have never been loved on before! Help us put on this event by donating to our fundraising efforts here.

3. We are raising rent money for a black mom with a beautiful child with special needs. This woman busts her ass for her family and her community and needs some help now. We have a week to raise the funds needed to pay her rent next Saturday. Please chip in as much as you can and share, share, share. Ask your networks to chip in $5, $10, $50, $500 and help this family. Every bit you throw down creates some peace of mind for this mama that does the most for everyone everyday.  Contribute here.

Remember reparations are due; y’all wanna ally & this is what we need from you.



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