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Excerpt from Our Sister’s Keeper by Tamela J. Gordon

“We. Are. All. We. Got.

When my friend, a woman who has taught me the much of what I know about the radical act of loving and caring for Black women, recently confided that she herself was in a financial crisis, our Circle of Sisters stepped into action. Those of us who have, give. Those of us who have platforms, amplify. All of us contribute however we can. We don’t do trauma porn, so there is never a song and dance required of Black woman who, usually, had to force herself to lead with those three words, “I need help.”

So, the next time you see a post asking for contribution towards a GoFundMe or PayPal goal for a Black woman, donate, share, and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

If you’d like to help my friend pay her rent you can donate HERE”

Read the whole post here: @SheWritestoLive


Contribute to the Paypal pool to assist a black woman, mother, friend, counselor and teacher to so many needs our help who needs to raise $1200 for a bill due Tuesday, HERE.

We have $940 left to raise as of this post.

#BeAVillage  #ThisIsWhatCommunityLooksLike #UpliftBlackWomen #TrustBlackWomen




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