Groundhog Day: Anita Hill 2.0

My piece for The Woman Project HQ is live after a short delay.  Hope you gain some insight from this.


It feels like history repeats itself as if time is not linear at all. Nazis are back and marching through the streets. Anti-black racism is as fervent as it has ever been. Cops are killing unarmed black men in their own homes and accountability and justice are nowhere in sight.  Civil rights are at risk of being rolled back and everyday it feels like some new terror is about to spring up. Republicans continue to put up alleged abusers as viable options to represent the republic. President Pussy Grabber is holding fascist rallies masquerading as campaign events.  So maybe it is not that history repeats itself (or that we are stuck in a time loop from hell) but that we have never fully gotten to the root of the problems that plague us as a society.  We have never gone through the necessary steps of atoning for the original sins of this country. The truth is, the United States was founded on anti-black racism and patriarchy that coalesced into what we now call Rape Culture.  


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Ria Moni is Killing Georgina, writing poetry and prose from an intersectional black feminist perspective, organizing and raising awareness from an anti-racist framework, holding space for and amplifying the lives and experiences of black women and femmes.

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