Black Equity Collective Launches The Anti-Racism Thought Partner Project Pilot

Killing Georgina & The Black Equity Collective Presents:

BECART Partner Project

This is an introduction to intersectional and anti-racism movement understanding.  We will work through a curriculum together with me as your thought partner.  I will be available to address questions or point out blind spots along the way.

Part one will be using the book “Stamped from the Beginning” and will be a combination of virtual book club meetings and my personal reflections about the information contained within from the perspective of a black woman, mother, anti-racist and recovering assimilationist and will last 5 months with at least 1 live interactive virtual session a month and access to a private Facebook group for continued group reflection and Q&A.

Subscribe here to register for this unique opportunity now!

Use my affiliate link to buy the book to get started:

Stamped From the Beginning


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