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Helpers and Healers

This poem was inspired in part by Catrice M. Jackson: International Speaker & Best-Selling Author.


On the backs of us
What you want?
Wait a minute!
You pull for it

We feel the pressure
Feel the pull
You’re pulling us
To you to help

To teach
To care.
To fix what we did not break!

While we die
We bleed out
But you don’t feel for us
See us, need us, just from us, of us

The unexplainable
The unimaginable

We take care of you
While we are dying
While you and yours
Me and mine.

The world is burning
In a fire you lit
We die when you cry

Water is life and you drink my tears
And drown me in your platitudes and politeness

Positivity without truth and justice
Love and light without liberty
Creates pain and death.

Your kind
I mean, your kin
I mean, your skinkin
Are killing me with your
Garden variety
Pumpkin spice latte
Americana flat

Kindness without action kills.
Kindness without love demeans.
Kindness without intimacy is complicity.

I am not your mammy.

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