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For Shaun

My cousin Shaun wanted this on a shirt. So I designed it. I’ve decided any profits earned will go to helping a homeless youth get some much needed self care in the form of natural hair care/grooming he is looking for.  A community member from Resist Oppression brought this young man to my attention and I am trying to find someone to provide the services he is looking for and the funds to make it happen.

Please help.  Buy here:

Screenshot (12)


Screenshot (14)


Also, if you want to design your own tee shirt or hoody, use this referral link:  

Use my invite link to launch your own campaign and we both earn $1 per shirt sold (up to $100!)*


Screenshot (11)


And if you know someone who does a good twist out in Rhode Island, tell them to hit me up at or


Thank you!

❤ Ria


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