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PushBlack Takes You to School…

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I believe I have shared about this before, but here goes, again. This time in a more official capacity.

Sign Up for PushBlack on Facebook today.  You will get history lessons sent directly to your messenger inbox regularly.  But not just any history lessons.  Take this entry on Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, Did you Know That FDR’s New Deal Was Racist?

PushBlack contextualizes the racist policies inherent in The New Deal. FDR and The New Deal are typically praised for pulling America out of the Great Depression, however, that was not true for black people.  Roosevelt’s New Deal actively hurt black people by allowing employers to pay blacks less and kept black people from homeownership.

These are the true legacy of FDR’s New Deal that black people are still fighting.  When we talk about dismantling white supremacy, this is what we are talking about.  Truth is power and power is liberation.  Know your truth and don’t be afraid to stand in it and for it, daily.

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