How Dumbed Down, Meek, and Quiet Do Black Women Need To Be?


Recently I had a conversation with a friend that told me that they had met a mutual acquaintance of ours. Because I am a very introverted person, I inquired as to who this friend was that we had in common.  When they mentioned her name, I was stumped. In my profession, I meet many people, and perhaps I overlooked this person that I had apparently made such an impact on that they would mention me to my friend. However, what struck me is that she told my friend that she had an exchange with me that was not wholly positive. Now that made me pause because I rarely, if ever, have a dialogue that is negative with people, so my curiosity was piqued. And my friend told me she said, “Well we got off to the wrong start because Hannah was speaking about injustice and that affected me.”


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