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Racism is bullying

Apparently there was a full blown movement created with a hashtag, #WalkUpNotOut and everything y’all to gas-lighting, victim blaming and forward white male supremacy.  Kindness is great, but this framing is problematic on every levels; from victim blaming to further stigmatizing “outcasts” as potential murderers, this needs to stop.

Anti-black racism is the bullying of black people and happens in big and small ways every day a million times a day. Yet mass shooters are very rarely black people. Go figure.

Stop this nonsense.  Don’t co-sign and enable this kind of narcissistic abuse.  Want to know how to break this cycle?  Anti-racism is the key to dismantling cis-hetero normative white patriarchal supremacy.  Simply put, white supremacy is a form of narcissistic abuse.   Do the work to eradicate internalized oppression and strive everyday to be an ally to folx with different levels of privilege, at different intersections of oppression then yourself.  If you are ready to start that journey, then Join the Club!


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