2017 Roundup

In 2017, I went from sitting on the sidelines to being activated and doing whatever I was capable of to change what I couldn’t accept. Here is some of what I did and you helped make happen:

  • Created and managed Resist Oppression as an online forum for centering the lives and experiences of black women and QTPoC in an intersectional feminist, anti-racist/anti-oppression focused group.
  • Created Eggshell Free Poetry & Chat for PoC only secret online space
  • Lead the End School Lunch Shaming RI campaign to get Pawtucket Schools to change their policy and raised approx. $3k for that campaign. Those funds were later donated to Pawtucket Backpackers when PSD decided to wipe the debt balance of all the families in the district.
  • Created and managed Killing Georgina fb page to amplify my teachers as I moved through my self directed education in anti-racism/anti-oppression & intersectional feminism.
  • Created a channel to self published essays and poetry on Medium.com.
  • Wrote Booting Beckys & Choosing Myself published by Threads of Solidarity on Medium.com and featured on HuffPo Black Voices
  • Lead organizer of March for Racial Justice RI in Prov 10/1/17 to uplift the Movement for Black Lives platform, shine a light on underreported racial disparities in RI and amplify the work of local organizations and campaigns and member of the national March for Racial Justice steering committee
  • Designed my website www.killing-georgina.org
  • Produced and self published eBook Eggshell Free Poetry by Killing Georgina
  • Raised funds and support for housing a family of 6 (PayPal.me/HousingFamilyof6)
  • Raised funds for DARE, PrYSM, Defend Puerto Rico…

I think you get the idea. I did some stuff and plan to do some more stuff. Throughout all of this last year my authentic self has found its way to the surface again. Parenthood and marriage can make it hard to hold on to a self of yourself and I am proud to say that I feel more myself than I have in nearly twenty years. Above all I have made connections with people I respect and admire and wish to be in community with locally and across the globe. And for that I am incredibly grateful.




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