I’m So Over This and Other Things…

I’m So Over This and Other Things…

I am trying to grow and evolve and liberate myself from limited consciousness. I lived in the Sunken Place and I am not going back! So get on board or get left behind. There are so many ways of being that are exhausting me and stealing my joy. So many things that I’m going to hit you with a list for efficiency and transparency:

  • I’m tired of yt people expecting me to be their teacher FOR FREE. I am not the wokeness whisperer, your African American, your WOC for diversity and I am not your personal anti-racism intersectionality tutor. At least not for free! No free labor. How ass backwards can you be to expect free labor in a movement for racial justice! Remember that thing called chattel slavery? Remember that era called Jim Crow? Remember redlining? Remember that I am not your negro! H/T to James Baldwin who is getting more and more popular these days just like Fredrick Douglass 😒
  • I’m tired of POC who are as silent or more so on all issues of race and injustice. Stop being afraid someone is going to label you angry, they already are no matter what. Stop thinking someone is going to accuse you of “pulling the race card”; again, they already are no matter what!
  • I am beyond exhausted by the cult of positivity people. Pointing out issues that need fixing is not being negative. Telling people to focus on the positive is denial at best and gas-lighting at it’s worse. Think about it this way: Why should I or anyone else subscribe to someone else’s pre-conceived notion of reality? Why wouldn’t we just accept our own reality and work to make it better rather than trying to force yourself to see things the way someone else does?

  • I am tired of people who exist outside of the “heteronormative white supremacist” cultural/societal norms denying or oppressing others who also exist outside of these societal norms. Stop invalidating the lived experiences of people just because you have not lived them. Looking at you hoteps. Looking at you cis-hetero toxic masculinity black and brown men! Looking at you cisgender gay men and woman! We see you! 👀 Knock it out and get your life!

Note: I started writing this in May and just found this forgotten about draft now in October. Guess what? Still sick of this shit. The more things change the more they stay the same.

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