Community Organizing Costs Money

For more information on lunch shaming, go to https://www.facebook.com/EndSchoolLunchShamingRI

I’ve started up a Patreon account in case taking on the school department about lunch policies makes me persona non grata going forward. My baby’s not so much a baby anymore which means I need to go back to work or become a creative genius to pay the bills. Since I’ve been tackling anti-racism work in my own life and beyond as a recent escapee from the Sunken Place (…if you haven’t seen Get Out, go watch NOW), I have been asked for my point of view on everything from race to politics by well meaning white folx who wish to understand how we got here. I have a lot to say on these matters that go beyond what I share on my Facebook blog or group, but it takes time to formulate these thoughts into concise statements. And we all know, time is money. So here we are.

Here are some things I will be writing about in prose or poetry form depending on how the mood stikes me:

  • Mental health and black women
  • Physical health and health care
  • Immigrations and assimilation
  • PTSD and PTSS
  • Interracial relationships both romantic and platonic
  • Politics, police state/brutality
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name
  • Being black in Amerikkka before and after Obama, Trump, “being woke”
  • Raising children in pre-apocolyptic times
  • Raising biracial children
  • World and current events
  • My past, my present and my future and whatever I feel like because I do what I want!

Join me on my journey on Patreon here.

Gratitude is good, gratuity is better

Escaping the sunken place and amplifying my teachers here

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