Things I no longer worry about…

Bigstock/Anthony Correia

What gift do I need

To give you for you to see me

What dance can I do?

What game should I play?

What invention can I make?

What profound thing can I say?

What accomplishment is enough,

to be seen and valued?

Tell me the combination

So I can do my best multiplied by

your best and his best and his…

Mediocrity! But it is ok and enough to be the highest of the land

Because it’s “gentleman’s C’s”

if you look like that man.

I need the code

The secret to visibility and representation.

Is it respectability?

If I do all the things and go all the places you deem acceptable,

Take on all the things you value

will you accept me? Value me? Respect me?

That is a tightrope to walk,

A thin line, a small box.

I hope I don’t fall.

I hope I can fold myself into myself and make me small,

If I fail, if I fall

I know, now, you won’t catch me,

as me

warts and all.

Gratitude is good, gratuity is better

Escaping the sunken place and amplifying my teachers here

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